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Although some of us are comfortable in trying out instruments alone, some prefer to collaborate with teachers, parents, coaches or supportive friends. Mercury Fine Violins, Ltd. works to remain flexible in our approach to the situation at hand. If a teacher or coach is involved, it is generally best to determine the preferences of the teacher/coach regarding string type, string elevation, tailpiece preference or bow preference. Other influences include the player's artistic ability, aspirations and desired price range.

With this information at hand we assemble as many instruments as possible in a collection for approval. The number of instruments and tryout rooms available may vary so it is best to call ahead. We have three separate rooms for use in narrowing down the candidates. The customer may take as long as he or she needs in the tryout rooms to determine if a suitable instrument is to be purchased. If an immediate purchase decision cannot be made at that time, the instrument may be taken for a seven day (one week) trial; see trial policy.

All instruments (with the exception of some consignment pieces with repairs not performed by our shop) are warranted free of manufacture defects. Any tonal adjustments, bridge, soundpost or peg adjustments are performed with our compliments.

If time allows, all instruments and cases purchased from Mercury Fine Violins, Ltd. receive a complimentary cleaning with any scheduled maintenance. It is common to replace bow hair and strings once every six months - some professionals as much as every three months. This may vary due to amount of use, type of strings used and changing weather conditions.

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Instrument & Accessory Sales : Trial & Shipping Policies

Choosing an instrument requires a collaborative effort between the purchaser, teacher (if applicable), and Mercury Fine Violins, Ltd. We will do our utmost to help you make the purchase that is best for you. The following parameters must be considered before choosing an instrument to ensure it is suitable for you:

  • Performance goals
  • Instrument size
  • Price range
  • Teacher recommendations

Once these parameters are established it is best to call and determine availability to ascertain if that particular instrument is stocked or must be special ordered. Instruments can be purchased with or without the associated accessories (bow, case, shoulder rest, etc.) We highly recommend that instruments be tried out in our shop prior to purchase, we have set up our shop hours of operation to make this as convenient as possible for our customers.

For instruments taken out on trial we do require a valid photo ID/proof of residency and a major credit card.

Trial Periods

  • Walk-In customers: One week
  • Via Shipment: Two weeks

If an instrument needs to be shipped for a trial the above mentioned choice parameters should be even more strongly considered prior to ordering to save unneeded shipping expenses. Mercury Fine Violins, Ltd. pays for shipping to your location and you are responsible for return shipping charges. We will provide up to a maximum of two instruments for trial via shipping. Be sure to allow adequate transit time when returning an instrument.


Instruments will only be shipped out in proper cases and must be returned in the same manner. The instrument must be insured to it's value for the return shipment. YOU are responsible for assuring that the instrument is properly insured and correctly packed for return shipments. The customer is fully responsible for any damage to the instrument and/or outfit and agrees to facilitate carrier claim processing if the damage is shipping related. The customer is fully responsible for damage due to improper packing as the shipping carrier is not liable for improper packing.

The Rental Program with Option to Purchase

The Rental Purchase Program allows the player an opportunity to use a quality instrument without the cost of immediate purchase. One hundred percent (100%) of all timely rental payments are applied toward the purchase price. Maintenance and sales tax do not apply toward purchase. Late payments do not apply toward purchase.

In comparing outright purchase to rental with purchase option, it is generally better to apply the rental equity toward purchase as soon as possible. The benefit of renting for a while is that you do not have to purchase the instrument you are renting. Rental equity may be applied toward purchase of any instrument we have in stock.

Be sure to review the rental policies and review the insurance policies.

Rental outfits include: used cello rockstops or shoulder rests (subject to availability), rosin, and wiping cloth. Otherwise, customer may need to purchase a new shoulder rest for violin or viola, cello rock stop, bass rock stop, music stand or extra strings if required by your school.

All setup, adjustments and repairs are performed to strict professional standards by seasoned staff. Just ask your string teacher!

All prices include insurance and sales tax.

Rental Policies

Only payments that are received by the date specified by the rental contract will be applied toward rental equity.

We emphasize taking good care of your rental outfit. Care and maintenance information is included with each rental contract. The level of care you take may reduce the reconditioning fees due at time of trade in for a larger size, or at time of contract termination. Visiting the shop for free quarterly inspections and adjustments is always the best way to keep your instrument in top shape.

A major credit card/bank card and a valid government-issued photo ID showing current residence is required. If the credit card/bank card has no signature on the back, additional ID showing customer signature will be required. When applicable, both parents must be named in the rental contract. This applies to both married couples and those engaged in a civil/domestic partnership. These steps are taken to help eliminate potential credit card/bank card fraud, which keeps our prices low. Mercury Fine Violins, Ltd. reserves the right to refuse/terminate a rental application/contract if it is determined that the applicant(s) provided false/misleading information on the contract, or it is determined that the applicant(s) may not be able to meet the terms and conditions stated in the contract.

All payments are automatically debited on a monthly basis after the three month introductory period. Renter is required to notify Mercury Fine Violins, Ltd. if the renter's credit card is lost/stolen/expired. A fee may be assessed if the renter's credit card is declined for any reason.

Rental Insurance

Instrument maintenance insurance covers accidental damage to strings, bridge and pegs only. It also covers cost for cleaning, adjustments and string wear. It does not cover damages due to neglect/abuse or reconditioning fees due at instrument return/trade-in. Instrument maintenance insurance fees and sales tax are not applied towards purchase. Any and all accidental damages/losses must be reported immediately, otherwise they will not be covered by the insurance. Customer account must be in current status to be covered by insurance. All damages must be paid in full at the time of instrument trade-in or contract termination. A zero-deductible, no-fault rider policy attached to your renters/homeowners insurance is highly recommended.

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