Cello Sales

Maker/Label 4/4 Made In Price Status
Hermann Luger Model CC100, Solid tonewoods China $1,000.00 outfit, Rental inventory
Tanglewood Model #200, Advancing student China $1,400.00 In stock
Hermann Luger Model C600, Select tonewoods, Premium ebony fittings China $1,900.00, Rental inventory
Nicolas Parola View Photo CP10, Stradivarius pattern China $1,900.00
Tanglewood Model #800 China $3,800.00  
Calin Wultur View Photo Standard model, Guarnerius pattern Romania $3,800.00
Nicolas Parola View Photo Model CP30, Master level cello, Stradivarius pattern, Highly flamed back and sides, Highly advanced player China $5,500.00 - $7,000.00 Sold - replacement coming soon
Calin Wultur View Photo De Luxe model, Guarnerius pattern, Highly advanced college student Romania $5,000.00 Sold — replacement coming soon
Keith, Curtis and Clifton
Model R33, Well-aged spruce, Finely figured back and sides $6,000.00  
Stefan Petrov 1711 Stradivarius pattern China $7,700.00  

Dunov Superior Rich brown varnish Bulgaria Rental inventory

Rudolph Doetsch Imported by The Violin House of Weaver Germany Rental inventory

Leopold Series Better graduation and workmanship China Rental inventory

Century Model 120SE, Fully carved with amber varnish China $1,400.00, Rental inventory

Century Model 120SE, Fully carved with red-orange varnish China $1,300.00, Rental inventory

Century Model 110S, Hand carved with antique style amber varnish China $1,200.00, Rental inventory