Instrument and Accessory Sales

Although some of us are comfortable in trying out instruments alone, some prefer to collaborate with teachers, parents, coaches or supportive friends. Mercury Fine Violins, Ltd. works to remain flexible in our approach to the situation at hand. If a teacher or coach is involved, it is generally best to determine the preferences of the teacher/coach regarding string type, string elevation, tailpiece preference or bow preference. Other influences include the player's artistic ability, aspirations and desired price range.

With this information at hand we assemble as many instruments as possible in a collection for approval. The number of instruments and tryout rooms available may vary so it is best to call ahead. We have three separate rooms for use in narrowing down the candidates. The customer may take as long as he or she needs in the tryout rooms to determine if a suitable instrument is to be purchased. If an immediate purchase decision cannot be made at that time, the instrument may be taken for a seven day (one week) trial; see trial policy.

All instruments (with the exception of some consignment pieces with repairs not performed by our shop) are warranted free of manufacture defects. Any tonal adjustments, bridge, soundpost or peg adjustments are performed with our compliments.

If time allows, all instruments and cases purchased from Mercury Fine Violins, Ltd. receive a complimentary cleaning with any scheduled maintenance. It is common to replace bow hair and strings once every six months - some professionals as much as every three months. This may vary due to amount of use, type of strings used and changing weather conditions.